Ghana Link

Among the many initiatives to link our schools, the boys have developed penpals with the children at the Bethel International School in Ghana. They write and exchange letters on a regular basis asking each other questions about their lives and sharing common insights and ideas. For pupils in both schools, it is a valuable way of finding out about how people live in different places and fosters an understanding about other cultures.

The School Librarian has recently visited Ghana and Bethel International School and took some gifts from the boys here to the children there. The pre-prep boys at NCS especially enjoyed seeing the teddy bear they had sent being shown around the bethel campus. We have also exchanged precious symbols of our respective institutions and cultures. Bethel sent us a beautiful wood carving illustrating an old Ghanaian proverb and we sent them a wooden shield with our school and college motto. Each gift has pride of place in each school!

Through the generosity of the Parents' Association, we have been able to provide Bethel with a mains water supply and, in exchange, they have sent us a most beautiful set of drums, which can be seen being made in the video clip below.

The link was made through Mr Humphrey Barclay, uncle of one of our pupils who was made a chief of the tribe. There is a link teacher at NCS and also a link teacher in Ghana and the two of them are planning further projects together.