Aims & Objectives

As part of New College, the School aims to:

  • Uphold the founding principles of promoting ‘godliness and the studies of good learning’.
  • Foster intellectual curiosity and a life-long enjoyment of learning
  • Offer a balanced and challenging curriculum which encourages high academic aspirations, a creative and artistic sensitivity, physical endeavour and spiritual and moral awareness
  • Promote the tradition of musical excellence and commitment exemplified in the choral foundation
  • Provide an enriching range of co-curricular activities which nurture diverse talents and give pupils experience and confidence for the future
  • Work closely with parents to develop each boy’s character, self-esteem and potential in a caring and constructive way
  • Promote values of courtesy, mutual respect and tolerance
  • Provide opportunities for leadership, competition and co-operation so that individual achievements are recognised and celebrated by the whole school community
  • Extend pupils’ understanding and commitment to the wider local, national and international community