Educational Research

As we are nestled among the research-active colleges of the University of Oxford, and as we are part of New College itself, it is only natural that we should be engaged in educational research. This is not to say that we treat NCS boys as guinea pigs, but we do reflect on our teaching and learning at every stage, and we investigate ways in which we can make it more effective. Staff are encouraged to develop professionally by taking additional CPD courses, then bringing back what they have learnt to their day-to-day teaching. We welcome researchers who are interested in observing how our pupils learn, especially those who focus on Music education. We also contribute to educational debates and discussions by contributing articles to national journals. 

‘Baseball and Education’ 

John Rae of Westminster: A Study in Educational Leadership'

'Lin Yutang's 'Idle' View of Education'

'Opposition to the 1902 Education Act'

 Insight into Teaching

Each term, NCS hosts two or three University of Oxford students on the ‘Insight into Teaching’ scheme. The scheme was pioneered by NCS in partnership with the University Careers Service and has now been taken up by other local schools. It gives the students an opportunity to see a school at work behind the scenes, day-to-day. They observe lessons, take part in NCS activities, and are given the opportunity to teach one or two lessons themselves. One student on the ‘Insight’ scheme reported back that ‘by the end of the week the student teachers left the school feeling incredibly satisfied, having enjoyed themselves greatly and learnt a great deal. They had received both a taster of the teaching world and also the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of NCS’. For more information, please visit