Learning Enrichment

It is our aim in the Learning Enrichment department to equip each boy with tools that will help him to understand and independently take control of his learning. We aim for boys to leave New College School independent learners and confident in his abilities. We offer a range of services to pupils to achieve this goal: specialist teaching by qualified literacy and Maths tutors, additional general support (in-class or in the Enrichment Centre) and extension sessions for those who show talent in a particular area. We deliver workshops to the wider school community on topics ranging from study skills and test taking to using the Virtual Learning Environment and organisational skills.  Staff can help with diverse needs from differing learning needs, to a bit of catch-up or support in juggling a busy schedule.

The Enrichment Centre is equipped with a range of materials for one-to-one teaching as well as resources for children, staff and parents.  We vary our approach for every type of learner; we use multi-sensory aids for kinaesthetic learners as well as visual aids and computer software to further reinforce learning. At home, Learning Enrichment resources and links to helpful websites can be accessed by the Virtual Learning Environment. Our centre is welcoming and open to all pupils at designated times before, during and after the school day. Our location off the library means that we can point boys to books appropriate to their reading level and encourage them to enrich their learning through the library. Occasionally, for parents and boys, evening speakers are invited to deepen understanding of processes related to learning and other related subjects.

 Boys’ academic progress is carefully tracked through their time at New College and they are ‘screened’ at key moments in their development. All boys are closely monitored by their teachers and together with the family and Learning Enrichment Coordinators decide whether additional support is necessary. This may take the form of in-class support and/or one-to-one lessons with a specialist teacher. At times, with support from parents, we may request support from outside experts such as Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists to deepen our understanding of a boy’s learning needs. The Learning Enrichment Coordinators work closely with teachers to ensure that children who receive specialist support bridge learning in a focused one-to-one environment to the classroom and vice versa through discussion and a termly plan tailored to the boy's needs.   

Ultimately, the goal of the Learning Enrichment department is to provide further opportunities for boys to manage their own learning and set a solid foundation for the next steps in their education, as well as provide a tailored programme to those who require additional learning support.