Governors & Staff


Mr Miles Young
, Warden of New College and Chair of the School Governing Committee

Mrs Rachel Faulkner, 
formerly Head of Headington Preparatory School; Governor i/c Safeguarding 

Professor Victor Flynn, Professor of Mathematics, 
Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics, New College

Professor Laura Marcus, 
Goldsmiths' Professor of English Literature and Professorial Fellow, New College

Mr David Palfreyman, 
Bursar, New College; Governor i/c Health & Safety

Mr Robert Quinney, 
Organist, Choirmaster, Fellow and Tutor in Music, New College; Associate Professor, Music Faculty 

Canon Dr Ian Walker, formerly Headmaster of The King's School, Rochester

Mrs Jane West, 
formerly Head of Pre-Prep, Lynams, Dragon School 

Ex officio, The Headmaster of the School is a member of the Committee and the Deputy Head is in attendance at meetings.

Governors may be contacted either through the School Office (01865 285560) or through the Chair, The Warden, New College, Oxford, OX1 3BN. The Warden’s PA is Ms Camilla Gray (01865 279524).



Headmaster Mr N.R. Gullifer, M.A. (St Catharine's College, Cambridge), F.R.S.A.

Deputy Head Mr A.J. Horton, B.A. (West of England) i/c Pastoral Care; French

Deputy Head Academic Dr M.T. Jenkinson, B.A. (Dunelm), M.Ed. (B'ham), M.St, D.Phil (Oxon), F.R.Hist.S.                                                                                                               i/c English & History, 8S Form Tutor, Chorister Tutor, Professional Tutor

Head of Pre-Prep Mrs R.A. Cox B.Ed., M.Ed. (Melbourne) Reception Class teacher; Designated Safeguarding Lead

Director of Music Mr R. Poyser, M.A. (Oxon) Class Music, Voice, Piano


Dr L.C. Arthur, B.A. (Bristol), M.St., D.Phil. (Oxon) i/c Classics 

Mr C.D. Bishop, B.Sc. (Luton) Director of Sport, i/c Design Technology

Mrs L. Brown, B.Sc. (Leicester) Year 5 Form Tutor; i/c English to Yr 6 & PSHCEE; French, History, Eco Committee Chair 

Mrs M Calatayud, B.Sc., M.Sc (Konstanz) Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss H.A. Cawood, B.A. (Bristol) i/c Mathematics, Year 6 Form Tutor, Charity Co-ordinator

Mrs S. Dehalvi, B.Sc. (Westminster)  Cover Teacher

Miss L. Harrison, B.Sc. (Exeter) Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs E. Hess, M.A. (Cantab), AMA Librarian

Miss S. Hornby, B.A. (London) Year 1 Teaching Assistant 

Mr A.M. Lenik, B.A. (West of England) i/c Computing & Coding; Choir website/podcasting

Miss V.S. Lucas, B.A. (West of England) Year 1 Form Tutor; i/c Wild Learning

Mr B.G. Morrison, B.Ed. (Notre Dame, Sydney) Director of Activities; Assistant Director of Sport; i/c Geography; Year 8 Form Tutor 

Miss J. Munnery, B.Sc. (Bath) Year 3 Form Tutor        

Mrs D.A. Riddell, B.Ed. (Winchester) Year 4 Form Tutor; Learning Enrichment

Miss Y. F. Roby, M.Chem. (Oxon) i/c Science; School Council; Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mr J.A. Rose, B.A. (Liverpool), M.Sc. (Brookes) Sport

Mrs G.E. Ryder, M.A. (Indiana) i/c Art, Pottery

Miss M.L. Sharp, B.A., M.A. (Dunelm) Assistant Director of Music; Ghana link

Mrs C. Showell-Rogers, B.A. (Trent), B.Ed., Dip.Dyslexia & Literacy Devt (Middx), ATS (BDA) Year 2 Form Tutor


Learning Enrichment

Mrs C. Showell-Rogers, B.A. (Trent), B.Ed., Dip.Dyslexia & Literacy Devt (Middx), ATS (BDA), Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator

Miss Z. Parsons, B.A. (Open), Cert Steiner-Waldorf


 School Counsellor

Ms K.S. Houghton, M.A. (Oxon), Dip. Psychotherapeutic Counselling, MBACP


College and School Chaplain

The Revd Dr E. Longfellow, B.A. (Duke, Nth Carolina), D.Phil (Oxon), Dip. Th. (SE Inst Th.)

Assistant School and College Chaplain

Mr N.G. McCleery, M.A. (Oxon)


 College Organist

Mr R.J.H. Quinney, M.A., M.Phil (Cantab), M.A. (Oxon)

College Assistant Organist

Mr T. D. Wakerell, B.Mus., M.Mus., (RCM)


Visiting Staff

Ms M. Ackrill, B.A. (Hons) L.R.A.M Flute

Ms G. Amherst, M.A. (Oxon) Cello

Dr J. Arden, B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D (City) Piano

Mr M.D. Baber, B.A. (Brookes) Percussion

Mr J. Brown, M.A. (Cantab) L.T.C.L. Organ

Mrs A. Brunton, M.A., B.Mus, L.R.A.M., L.G.S.M., A.T.C.L., P.G.C.E. Oboe, Recorder, Bassoon

Mr J. Collins, Tennis

Ms J. Evans, B.A. (Oxon) A.R.C.M. Double Bass

Dr J. Faultless, B.A. (SOAS), D.Phil (Oxon) Brass

Mr G. Fineman, B.Mus (R.A.M.) Piano

Ms D. Hinds, M.A. (Cantab) Piano

Mr J. Howse Clarinet

Mr N. Jones Saturday Music

Ms R. Joseph, L.R.A.M. Piano

Mr J. Laming, Dip. ABRSM Organ

Mrs S. Llewellyn-Jones, L.R.A.M. Saturday Music

Mrs B. Mills, B.Mus (King's London) Voice

Mr M. Noble, B.Mus, M.A., L.R.C.M., L.R.A.M. Guitar

Ms E. Ormerod, B.Mus Piano

Ms J.P. Paterson, M.A. (Oxon) Violin

Mrs E. Petter, A.R.C.M., Cert.Ed., A.R.C.M. (Hons) Cello

Mr H. Petter, B.A. (Oxon) L.R.A.M Piano

Mrs R. Platt-Stavrik, B.A. (Oxon) Drama

Mrs G. Secret, Prof.Cert. R.A.M., L.R.A.M. Violin/Viola

Dr A. Varney, M.A. (Oxon), D.Phil. (Oxon) Chess

Mr A. Wilkins  Judo

Mr A. Wilson Saturday Music

Ms B. Wu Mandarin



Administrative and Support Staff

Mrs D. McCusker Head's PA and Registrar

Miss J. Kilkenny, B.A. (De Montfort) School Administrator & Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations

Mrs E. Kilkenny, B.A. (Nottingham Trent) Finance Officer


Mrs S. M. Capel, M.A. (London) Science Technician

Ms B. Ulett IT Officer


Mr P. Mulford Premises Manager

Mr C. Woodward Maintenance Department


Mr D. J. Greenfield Chef-in-Charge

Mrs S. Garrett Catering Assistant

Miss K. Minns Catering Assistant