Library & Media Room

Our spacious library is well stocked with around 4,500 books (2,400 of which are fiction and 2,100 non-fiction) and with educational DVDs. The media room adjoins the main library and is equipped with a suite of computers for boys to use for research and homework.The stock is updated frequently and many boys spend their lunchtimes luxuriating on beanbags, reading their favourite books or watching documentaries.

There are two school librarians and fourteen junior librarians. Pupils are encouraged to become involved in the running of the library; stock updates are carried out regularly following pupils' suggestions. The library and media room are also used during lessons across the curriculum. A ‘Reading Passport’ has been designed in-house to give pupils a visually interesting log for their reading, while encouraging them to read across a variety of styles and genres. Pupils fill in the ‘Reading Passport’ as they encounter, read and respond to these styles and genres. They are then awarded housepoints and their ‘Passport’ is stamped with a special stamp in the library, giving pupils a tangible sense of progress. While the Passport encourages pupils to read broadly, a ‘ladder’ system is used to help pupils progress confidently upwards in terms of encountering and mastering increasingly demanding literature. Every fiction book in the library is given an ‘L’ number, guiding pupils along their reading journey. They are monitored and encouraged to master a particular ‘L’ number, before moving up the ladder.

We regularly welcome authors to visit the library and to address the boys on life as an author, and how to improve their own creative writing. Recent speakers have included Joanna Trollope and Griselda Heppel, winner of the People’s Book Prize.