Parent's Evenings & Reports

All Pre-Prep pupils' progress is reviewed just before each half-term and parents given informal feedback. A parents’ evening is held early in the year so parents can discuss how pupils have settled in. Later in the year, there is an evening for each class at which parents may meet the members of staff who teach their son, for private consultation. To keep parents fully informed, reports are written by teachers twice a year indicating a boy’s attitude, achievement and well-being.

A similar pattern of reports and parents' evenings is in place in the Prep School. Before each half-term ‘Orders’ are sent home with each boy, showing the grades reached and the effort put in for that period.
Parents' Evenings 2016-17
9 September: Chorister parents' start of year drinks (7.30pm)
13 September: Year 8/8S information evening (6pm)
14 September: Year 7 information evening (6pm)
20 September: Years 3/4 start of year meeting (5.30pm)
21 September: Pre-Prep start of year meeting (6pm)
28 September: Years 5 & 6 future destinations evening (7pm)
12 October: Year 7 parents’ evening (6pm)
18 January: Year 6 parents’ evening (6pm)
26 January: Year 3 & Year 8S parents’ evening (6pm)
1 February: Year 4 parents’ evening (6pm)
22 February: Year 8 parents’ evening (6pm)
8 March: Year 5 parents’ evening (6pm)
14 March: Pre-Prep parents’ evening (5.30pm)
26 April: Music Teachers’ evening (6.00pm)