The Pre-Prep accepts boys from the age of 4 years. Classes are small and boys are expected to proceed to the Prep School at 7 years, subject to satisfactory internal assessment. Under the direction of the Head of Pre-Prep, the department provides a nurturing environment enabling the boys to develop socially and academically. Individual attention is important to us in ensuring that boys enjoy learning, are at ease with each other and school life, and that basic skills are soundly absorbed and developed in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

Boys in the Pre-Prep are contented and secure, but they are also constantly engaged and challenged. Naturally, they learn core academic disciplines and they play sport. But they also learn to engage with their peers and their teachers, and they build self-confidence through a wide range of activities and through the pastoral programme. We value the wealth of boys’ interests and activities at home and outside the classroom. All of the Pre-Prep teachers have regular “show and tell” sessions, in which pupils share their interests with the rest of the class. This enables the School to recognize and build on individual enthusiasms as a boy progresses through the School.

The Pre-Prep day runs from 8.45 am to 3.30 pm with morning and lunch break in the Pre-Prep playground and a mid-day lunch cooked on the premises in the dining hall. Although we do not wish the day to be too long for Pre-Prep boys, teachers are on the premises to look after boys arriving early from 8.00am and there is Pre-Prep after school care, including drinks and a snack, until 5.30pm. This may be arranged on an occasional or regular basis to suit parental requirements.