Chorister Admissions

Chorister voice trials are held in January when a boy is in Year 2 (aged 6-7), in order to start the preparation for the chorister training in the following September at the start of Year 3. Parents who wish to enter their son for a choristership should contact the Registrar and, if not already a pupil in the School, complete a registration form. The New College Organist (Director of Music), Mr Robert Quinney, hears boys sing a simple piece, as does the School’s Director of Music, Mr Richard Poyser. Boys are also invited to play any musical instruments they are learning. There are assessments and interviews with the Headmaster and senior staff covering reading, writing and Mathematics. Further information is available from the School Office,,  the Choir website or from the Chapel & Choir Administrator

Parents of potential choristers should appreciate that having their son accepted as a chorister requires a solid commitment to this role in the College Choir. It takes two or three years to train a boy to the point where one can reasonably expect a musical return on the musical investment. This investment cannot be continued beyond the probationary period if there is any doubt in parents' minds of their commitment, and indeed of their son's commitment. That said, it has always been our experience that the vast majority of boys selected settle happily into the routines of chorister life.